The Electric Vehicle Company

SEVC is owned by Enabled Enterprises, a veteran owned business. Founded in 2008, SEVC focuses on providing gas-free and emissions-free transportation with a vehicle lineup that includes it's unique 14-passenger solar people movers in addition to electric security and police vehicles.  


23 Passenger Solar Electric Shuttle

The first custom vehicle resulting from the manufacturing partnership between the Solar Electric Vehicle Company and Star EV is the new 23 Passenger Solar Electric Shuttle. This unique Shuttle is manufactured exclusively for SEVCs specific needs.

14 Passenger Enclosed Shuttle

The second specialty vehicle in development is a 14 passenger, enclosed solar electric shuttle with air-conditioning and heat that that won’t draw down the vehicle’s electricity. Additionally, the vehicles’ solar configurations have been engineered so powerfully that the solar electric shuttle will rarely need charging. This will also be the first shuttle to meet all US specifications and safety standards.

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Customers Using Vehicles From Our Manufacturing Partners


Solar Electric Vehicles

First Affordable Solar-Electric Air-Conditioned, Heated, Enclosed Shuttle


14 Passenger Shuttle

The Solar Electric shuttle can be customized with an array of options, designs and sponsor branding.

14 Passenger Branded Solar Electric Shuttle

Solar Electric Mobile Farm Stand

Now it is possible to go straight from the farm to the local grocer or farmer's market to display and sell your goods without having to pollute the air or use a drop of gasoline. The Solar Electric Vehicle Company's Mobile Farm Stand's solar/battery system not only provides energy for the vehicle, but can also run a small cash register, scale and/or credit card reader. The great thing is that while you are charging for your crops, the solar cells keep charging the vehicle.

Solar Electric Mobile Farm Stand