A New Business Paradigm / A Business and a Cause

The Solar Electric Vehicle Company believes that its success is synonymous with the success of our customers, corporate sponsors, advertisers, local communities, and everyday Americans. Our business model helps bridge the gap between environmental change, and fiscal responsibility; transport needs and environmental concerns; as well as between governments and citizens.

The company has developed a business plan where all can prosper. While the profitability relies on having as many solar electric vehicles in use as possible, its success relies on the impact the solar electric vehicles will be able to make. For every solar electric vehicle in a community, citizens will have access to pollution-free transportation. For every vehicle at a university campus, more students will be able to cut down on their gas bills, as well as feel more secure traveling on campus. For every vehicle at any park, museum, garden, or zoo, there will be one less dirty, costly, petrol burning vehicle which keeps us dependent on foreign oil, and which keeps our economy inescapably tied to the price of a barrel of oil. For every solar electric vehicle in America, more people will be able to breathe cleaner air, creating a healthier environment.

At the same time, while every solar electric vehicle is creating cleaner, greener, and better communities and institutions, they are also creating cleaner, greener, and better exposure for advertisers and sponsors. This allows them to connect more intimately and highlight their green commitment to their target markets. This is truly a model in which everyone wins.

Company Objectives

  • To manufacture and sell the highest quality electric and solar electric vehicles.
  • Put as many solar-electric vehicles in use as possible.
  • Provide free or cost effective, green vehicles to communities and institutions.
  • Give communities, institutions and businesses the ability to leverage financial benefit and environmental friendliness simultaneously.
  • Provide institutions an economical model to increase donations.

Chicago Botanic Gardens